Friday, 22 January 2010

Inspiration are you there?

Rifling, searching, digging stories wish to unfold today.

If only I had a fairytale of my own to fall into where the trees tell me which way to go and an elf recites me a poem. No bedroom walls and stagnation there; only a joyful dance through a forest that leads me to the Well of Answers. I lean in, reach down and pick a giant flower petal from the well and on it reads something of a revelation.

The Butterfly Queen blesses me with magic. And when I return, I'm full to the brim with creativity, inspiration and excitement; typing emphatically to record the wonders I've seen.

Cue reality:

Pft. I've stared at this screen long enough and it hasn't turned into a portal yet; only an empty word document with time running way ahead of me and I have emptied myself of motivation.

But still, the web is full of pretty pictures: this one is from we ♥ it.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Knitting, Procrastination and a General Sense of Vacancy

Yesterday I learnt how to knit. I've been longing to do it for some time now; thinking about all the possible things I could make for myself and avoid shopping for things that don't exist all together. Self-sufficiency is the key. Although I've only just started, I saw myself knitting in my sleep last night...a new addiction perhaps?

I should be working on what I've already learnt instead of finding new things to begin. I should be doing my uni coursework but I've seemed to fall into some kind of consuming loop of vacancy. I've been waking up late, my peak of alertness seems to come at midnight, and my work is on my mind for 60% of the day but my body is rejecting the idea of actually producing it. I've wandered around pretty aimlessly today, knowing that the hours are ticking away. Three deadlines to meet and I'm hanging in empty space, wondering how to pull myself together.

Wouldn't it be nice to just knit all day and allow the rhythmic pattern of weaving wool to take my cares away?

Friday, 8 January 2010

Creating My Wonderland

I received this beautiful notebook by Pink Cherry Mama, in the post yesterday; one of the gems I ordered from etsy; an Alice in Wonderland journal that's ready to be inked with magical words...

As the cloud's bellies remain fat with snow, I grow heavy with ideas and inspiration. So much to think about and so much to achieve - where do I start?

I made a promise to myself when I bought this journal that I'd get some more writing done. I couldn't have it tarnished with shopping lists and phone no no. Alice would like to be the keeper of enchanting stories and poems.

The trouble is, I'm conjuring up the courage to christen the crisp white pages. Don't you find that sometimes you can't start a journal because you don't want to ruin its freshness? I won't allow scratchings and spelling mistakes! But these ideas of mine have to go somewhere...

I had a chat with a Rowan tree and he told me to write a story about him and his kind...the wisdom of the Oak, the humour of the Birch and the magic of my good friend, the Weeping Willow. When I meet my fairies, I shall ask them if they wish to star in my book too...

...there's room for every sort of magic in my world...but can I make it come to life on paper?