Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Whirlwind Spring

March has carried me away with the blossoms on the wind and I've forgotten how to get back down - twirling this way and that. Time seems to have kicked things up a notch; such speed...where are all the days going?

Events are all compressed like the items in a suitcase - squeeze one more thing in!

It's been learning, reading, lunching, healing, sketching and honouring...meditations, birthday salutations, racy situations, giggles and impersonations, natural disasters and uplifting mantras, heartfelt exchanges, plans and rearrangements, mysterious dreams, the brightest moon ever seen, flowers, reunions, new friends, old flames, dead frogs, lost ducks, lots of coffee, loads of smiles, playful times, hard-working times, such little time...

yet one quiet morning I had a moment so still to take a picture of this tree:

I placed a hand on its trunk and I thought about just how much in one month, the universe has amazed me.