Tuesday, 1 June 2010

On the road again

What a long time it has been since I pressed my thoughts onto this page and how much has changed in my life. I scribbled away furiously for three weeks to complete all my uni assignments-never will I write a story again that I felt was rushed and was only for the purposes of pleasing a tutor who may or may not get on with my work. Study over, life to start.

I moved house again, for the seventh time in five years and yet I am still not settled. This is just another tedious stepping stone closer to a home (although I'm beginning to think that this sort of thing doesn't exist). This time I can't unpack properly and my possessions are missing some of their companions; things I've had to leave in the foster care of others; but we'll all reunite one day I hope.

So, I'm supposed to look for a job now and even though I have a new qualification, I still don't have enough experience - pah! I'd love to work for myself, always wanted to really. I want to do it right this time. I think it is my soul's purpose to explore my creativity and spirituality...I've been told I must share it with others. But of course, I cannot do this from the confinement of my current dwelling...why is it so hard to be noticed by the outside world?...well I'm not even requesting that, I only ask that the city I live in find me worthy enough to help me make a living.

Everything is so different and everything is so uncertain. Either way, I move forward and the days go by; the seasons change. I'll ask the wind if she'll deliver some answers to my questions while she casts the pollen across my way.