Thursday, 29 April 2010


I have been stolen away from my usual cyberspace ramblings and for two weeks, I've experienced life a little more!

The universe has showered me with wonderful Birthday gifts including the hope for a new home. I mentally colour and decorate non-existent rooms all the time; washing them over with character and day these rooms will exist and soon too. Finally the dream is not so far away.

Friendship and settlement have been the key themes this month: bonds have gotten stronger, laughter has become more frequent (the celebrations have brought more of my favourite faces together) and the journey resumes. But now my path branches off onto something new; I don't know what it is yet but the closer and closer I come to the end of study I know something exciting is waiting for me'll finally bring me my much longed for sense of peace. I know it to be so because in my entire life, I've never felt so grounded.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

In Bloom

Amongst the clearing and sorting, I am finally seeing a brighter path - or maybe just having more hope for one than before.

I truly believe that there aren't enough hours in a day to achieve what I'd like to. There isn't enough investment for all the things I wish to try in this lifetime, but I hold onto those wonders like jewels in the palm of my hand for I have the heart of an explorer.

The colours of flowers and bees making honey is surely adding to the optimism and I feel for the first time, that I finally may be close to complete personal breakthrough and so, I wait in excitement for the summer to deliver me the rewards of my release.