Sunday, 13 February 2011

Gotta Have That Funk

Last night I went to a Roller-disco for my sister's birthday. I had my flares on and I was ready for the music and the disco lights but not so ready for the skates. Now, I'm an 80s kid and I had blades and even then I didn't make it past beginners level let alone make it to intermediate. So when I handed my battered, yet trustworthy boots over in exhange for a rather hefty pair or rollerskates, the hope I'd had for a boogie completely sank as I realised that I couldn't skate to save my life!

We all helped each other into our skates and off the couch; holding on like eighty year olds trying to get up from an armchair after Sunday lunch. Wobbly like a newborn calf, I braved it out onto the dancefloor. Round and around everybody went, I got jealous everytime I saw a pro disco-dancing backwards and sideways...I could only just get used to skating by the end of the night, let alone work in some moves too! Oh how I wanted to work the moves! From as long as I can remember I've been grooving my shoulders and hips to the classics of the 70s; recreating Jackson Five routines when I was still an infant. I was obsessed with 70s music and films (I still am really) and all it took was a funky beat to put a glittery disco grin on my face.

But my first experience of whizzing around on skates to Carwash was a very challenging yet exciting one and it jolted my fondness for funk again. Just yesterday afternoon I was putting together a CD I'd made as a present for my sister; a compilation of all the greatest hits of 1976, the year she was born - what a year for music that was! Play that Funky Music and Love Hangover were just a couple of the gems that had me groovin' on the playback as I decorated the sleeve with bubble writing and rainbow coloured stars.

I think all the happiness that this music envokes has elevated my spirits and reminded me of all the things that make me smile. It was only just last week that I heard a song that made me want to pick up a bass guitar again; caught myself air-bass playing, pulling the classic bass player pout and everything!

I went to see my energy healer yesterday morning and he told me that this was the most harmonious I could be at this point in my life. I've been dancing and smiling lots you see, and he reckons I'm ready to complete this cycle of healing and move on to the big plans I've got up ahead. I'm excited for what's to come and I'm going to approach it all with a little funk in my step.

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Just had to put this song up, never fails to make me grin like the Colgate-sparkle Bee Gees themselves. The innocent cheese in this video is just wonderful and this classic tune also reminds me of the dancing scene in Airplane! my absolute favourite comedy movie...ahh what a winner.