Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The worst in me:

Your absence.

The worst in you: hearing me.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A lot of thinking to do...

Just when I thought time had moved on
and growth had fastened links nicely onto the chain,
I am forced to turn around and address myself,
with issues of old, that today feel like new...
I must learn to intergrate and alter again.

More observation from others to acrue
and weave into the tired processes of my mind.
Infancy, you seem to choke me more as I age;
falling apart infront of analytical eyes.
So much of you still hiding behind
the curtains of the stage.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Busy Bee

As spring approaches like a new dawn, the planet rebirths herself into a phase of new beginnings and opportunities. I love this time of year because I've finally woken up from the dull cold slumber of winter and I bless the year with my renewed handfasting (a pagan marriage ceremony) and another birthday celebration. Perhaps because I was born a spring baby the universe is so kind to me when it comes. I am hopeful and this year is a special one because my degree comes to an end and my twin flame and I finally reunite for good, to look for a little nest for us to live and be in love in...

...and so I have a busy week ahead, and in my thoughts, a busy couple of months to come. This week I'm making an 'Earth Mother' candle for a dear friend for her mother - she asked for a springy-fresh, mumsy smell and that's what she'll get with the fragrance of Pine, Neroli and Rose with a crackling wooden wick to make it sound like a camp-fire...visit The Moonchild Garden for more of my creations :)

Aside from this, I've got a gig to go to, Alice in Wonderland to see, dinner at Frankie & Benny's to eat, the Tate Modern to peruse in and some freelance editing work to get done...bring it on spring, I'm enjoying myself already!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Echoes of your music

Down spiral corridors I soared; twisting and turning I flew to the corners of the Earth and back...then suddenly, I was propelled up and out into the universe and I glided heart wanted to leap out from my chest, it all went so fast. But time paused when I came to an abyss, your gentle melodies slithered into my ears and I saw you then - your halo golden, your soul's windows a perfect blue and your fingers sweeping over steel strings with beauty and grace.

I tuned into you and now I am in your trance-like spells...remembering, waiting, wanting...only soothed by the echoes of your music...

I'm on hold again until my heart sings its own sweet harmony, the next time I see you.