Sunday, 21 August 2011


On Friday night I went to see the play "Journey's End" in the Duke of York Theatre. As my friend and I waited for the production to begin, I got this shot of the stage. The curtain was printed with the iconic World War 1 "Your country needs you" poster.

The play was sensational and every single actor was stunning at their role. The set was dimly lit and intimate, allowing the audience to observe this Dugout from just the right distance. Just like with any war film/novel/poem/memorial etc this play got me a little choked up and damp in the eyes.

Then I thought about this phrase again: "Your country needs you", it doesn't. The world does. As I prepare for my three and a half month trip across the globe, all I can think about is the Native Americans that I am to be helping out as a volunteer. They need a spare pair of hands and I really need them. I'll be leaving behind a post-riot London and the rise of rail tickets and all the other depressing things I've seen sailing through the media lately and quite frankly, this trip couldn't come any sooner.

But before I go, I am making sure to spend as much time with nicer parts of my city as I can and all the people that I love who are in it. Besides checking out The Museum of Broken Relationships and going to see "Journey's End" on Friday night, I enjoyed my Saturday at a baby shower (hosted by rocker mums) during the day and then teamed up with the South African lot in the evening for a few rums and a Jager Bomb. After a shot, scuzzy old Intrepid Fox doesn't look so scuzzy.

And so, with my plane tickets and a couple of hostels booked, the egg-timer has been turned and it's a mad dash from here on out to get the lists ticked off.

Before the last grain drops I'll be going to a pub quiz, a hen night, a wedding, a birthday dinner, my work leaving do and then finally I'll be getting all my favourite faces together one last time to toast me 'bon voyage'. I get the feeling that getting a little choked up and damp in the eyes will be quite a common occurence in the next few weeks.