Sunday, 26 August 2012

Alone With Somebody Else

'pensive' from We Heart It

You love your own company and you crave to be by yourself quite frequently, but all those other times when you wanted to be with someone, you created little moments with them because you felt the need to make those small but sweet memories, something to use your nostalgia on.You somehow knew on some level that they wouldn't always be there and when they weren't you sat there looking at the wall, at your feet, at your whole life.

Sometimes, you can have that friend that tends to feel very much the same, practices the same rituals that you do with whom you can just be who you always are to yourself. You're not being negative, you're just being honest and this person won't try to show you the 'bright side'. You know when to cheer up, you know when to come down and it's important to have someone around who can allow you to bounce between the two when you want. The both of you may be in completely different circumstances but you've been in the same spot before and there's nothing more to say about it. You might be lucky to get a tear, a sigh, a giggle and some insight all in the same sitting.

But you can take those small but sweet memories and change them into something new, recreate them to give them new meaning: sharing a favourite programme, getting each other cupcakes, walking hours away around the streets of London and sitting on a curb or a set of steps to pause again and let each other look into the distance. You may have been in that very same place before with all those people you miss, but now you're there with someone who you won't have to.

And when that friend isn't around and you're all by yourself again, you can turn to those other things that also allow you to feel what you want.

Your favourite music will soften you in the darkness and some great words on a page might give it all some sense when you're ready to reach for the light.


  1. His Sister,

    Nostalgia is a paradox. But experiencing nostalgia means you had good experiences in your life too. Like say Grand Corps Malade:"La nostalgie; la fiancé des bons souvenirs qu’on éclaire à la bougie" that means, thanks to Google: "Nostalgia, the fiancé of memories that light with the candle". it is also a way to fill empty spaces with sweet moments, all of us are able to retrieve sensations like odors or taste from the past, even we don't meet since months i stil have your voice in my mind and Lo's melodies too if i close my eyes i could be abe to smell cigarettes and coffees from our moments, for me nostalgia is a treasure, a secret box containing pearls of friends family, music and ambiance and i cherish these moments where i can travel back in time and fill closer with the ones i miss. Love n light sister !

  2. Beautifully put Star Brother...I love that quote! And you're so right, thank you for your wonderful words. Love and light to you x